Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Everyone

It’s that time of year again where I have to disinfect my air space because love surrounds the atmosphere. YUCK! Imagine being in a relationship? LOL can’t relate. But I’m not bitter. I genuinely just don’t like Valentine’s Day. Why can’t I get flowers on a random Tuesday in July? BeCaUsE iT’s NoT VaLeNtInEs DaY. BYE! I believe everyone should be treated amazingly no matter what day of the year it is, and that’s on BIBLE! But anyway, I thought I’d help you guys that celebrate it out by giving you guys some gift ideas for your loved ones. If you also need help with date ideas you can find my post on that here. Anyways, let’s get into these gifts.

Gift Ideas

A Love Book

I recently was scrolling through Instagram and came across this ad for a book printing company (whose name I totally forgot). And I thought, “wow, Imagine someone creating a book for you about your love story”. And thus, this idea was born. It’s so simple to put pictures together, but actually trying to write down everything that led to your bond is, in my opinion, exceptional. Sometimes people forget the little things and how they got to the place they are at. Which is why this would be such a meaningful gift.

Customized Gifts

This is sorta similar to the one above but … not really?? So basically what I mean by customized gifts is that you can create something for your significant other or friend such as a blanket, pillow, calendar, or teddy bear. I’ve seen so many blankets with pictures of families and friends or partners (definitely want one) and I honestly think it’s super cute. Also, pillows with a cute picture of either yourself or people you love. I have a couple of pillowcases that I brought with me to college of my family and it’s so helpful during those homesick days.

Calendars are also super cute! I recently had a friendsmas and one of my friends gifted my other friend a calendar with pictures of all of us and her family. ADORABLE. Next year I’m definitely making one for my mom. And teddy bears??? Girl DON’T PLAY! Build-A-Bear has this thing where you can create a custom message and place it inside the bear. IMAGINE?? I used to have one and I lost it, but I’m def going back to get a new one.

Write Them Something

Every person loves having something written specifically for them. Whether it’s a poem or a song, it’s definitely super romantic and thoughtful. I absolutely love poetry and letters so I would definitely love a gift like this. And songs?? Everyone loves music.

Create A Romantic Video… Or Just A Cute One

I know this is cheesy and A LOT of work, but it’s honestly such a thoughtful gift that gets overlooked. I’ve watched so many videos that people have created for their loved ones and I am obsessed!! It’s the simple act of dedicating time and effort into something so small yet so big, ya know? You can make it for your partner or your friends, literally ANYONE. It can contain pictures and videos of you speaking on how much they mean to you. To all my friends… I want a video for my wedding!

Final Thoughts

I honestly believe that gift-giving isn’t about the size of the gift or how expensive it was. It’s all about the memories and meanings behind it. So whatever it is that you give your loved ones, make sure it comes from your heart. I hope that you all have a special and safe Valentine’s Day and I hope that these gift ideas help you out. Make sure to tag me if you make any of these! I’d love to see them and reminisce on how lonely I actually am :). Anyways,

Until next time,

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