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Tips For Living A Healthier Life

Everyone is always telling me how they want to be healthier but they never know where to start. And honestly, being healthy is a journey. It’s not something that happens overnight because you force it. It takes practice, consistency, and patience. This is something that I’ve been trying to practice this summer and I can honestly say, I feel healthier already. Which is why I comprised a list of tips for all of you who want to embark on a health journey! So without further ado, let’s begin!

Why I decided to develop a healthier lifestyle

If I’m being honest with you, I hated the way my freshman year ended. I gained so much weight and it took a huge toll on me. None of my clothes fit, it hurt to walk up the stairs, and to make matters worse, I felt completely uncomfortable with myself. I’ve always been one of those people that is healthy for like a week and then unhealthy for a year. Nevertheless, I never felt as unhealthy as I did by the end of my first year. Which is why I wanted that healthiness to stick.

I didn’t want to feel heavy or out of breath. I wanted to become the best version of myself.

Therefore, I decided that the best way to get my life back was to change my lifestyle. That meant more exercise, healthier food options, and healthier habits. But it wasn’t always easy. I’m someone who loves fast food and Junk. So pulling away from that for a while was extremely tough. This is how I did it.

Conquer your mind + be patient

I’m constantly telling you guys to conquer your mind and believe in yourself. And this is no different. You will never see any change in your life if you do not believe that it is possible. If you’re constantly putting yourself down because you’re not seeing results, you will never achieve what you want to achieve. So be kind and patient with yourself. Everything starts within you and what you feed your mind is what you will produce.

Believe in the power of juices & smoothies

And I am not talking about the Tropicana juice you get at the bodega. I mean naturally freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Creating your own juices and smoothies is extremely essential. Because you know exactly what goes in it and what doesn’t. If you stop to think about it, processed juices have tons of artificial flavors and sugars. All the things that cause you to gain weight and be unhealthy. So the more in control you are of what goes into your body, the better you’ll feel. I highly suggest you stray away from adding sugar to your juices/smoothies because the fruits you use already have tons of sugar.

If you want me to write a post about different juice/smoothie recipes let me know because I can get crafty at times. But, I’ll share my top juice and smoothie with you right now!

Pineapple (+ it’s juice)
This may sound gross, but it’s honestly SO good! I highly recommend. And if anything, it’s also a sort of detox.

Spinach (yes I love spinach. And the more greens you add to your diet, the better)
Justin’s Classic Almond Butter
Literally my favorite smoothie

Green tea is magical

Listen, green tea is the way to go for weight loss. People recommend 3 cups a day, I have about 10. I am dramatic, but green tea is just so good and energizing. I drink it after every meal and even when I’m just bored and craving random foods. Like you know when you’re bored and you just start eating your whole kitchen? I stopped doing that BECAUSE OF GREEN TEA! Instead of going for Cheez-Its or Dominos, I make myself a cup of green tea and all feels right with the world. A lot of experts also recommend drinking a cup of green tea 30 minutes before a workout for an extra boost of energy. And trust me, it works!

Hydrate baby hydrate

Water is my best friend and there’s no doubt about that. I drink so much water that I spend more time in the bathroom than anything else. I can’t even think of anything negative to say about water because it’s just amazing. It has no sugar, no calories, no fat, no artificial preservatives or anything. IT’S AMAZING. Drink as much water as you can and then some. I don’t even get anything other than water when I go out to eat. Before every meal drink a glass and after every meal as well. You’ll thank me later.

Create and stick to a workout schedule

They say that you should have three hobbies:
1 that gets you money
1 that keeps you in shape &
1 that lets you be creative.

Whether you take long walks everyday, hike, jog, go to the gym, take a dance class, or do yoga, find something that keeps you moving! The more you move the better you will feel and the more endurance you will build.

One of the biggest causes of weight gain and unhealthiness is the lack of exercise in your daily routine. Sitting down all day is not good! So take at least 30-45 minutes out of your day to do a physical activity. It doesn’t take much, but the end result is amazing.

Final Thoughts

Leading a healthy life is not a one way street. You’re going to get lost at the beginning and it’s going to feel endless. But, be patient! During this time make sure to practice self love and personal development because that will push you and motivate you to continue. Create goals for yourself, track your progress, hold yourself accountable, and surround yourself with likeminded people.

Nothing in life comes easy, but if it’s truly something you want, work for it and never, ever give up.

Until next time,

Stay Vibrant & Embrace The Gray

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