8 Time Management Tips For College Students

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Let’s be real, there is way too much going on in college, even when there isn’t anything going on at all. Managing your time during college is quite possibly one of the hardest things ever! You have classes, homework, studying, extracurriculars, internships, a job, friends, family–it can get really tough to balance it all. Lucky for you, I have comprised a list of 8 time management tips for college students. If you do each thing on this list, I promise you, your life will be so much easier.

1. Decide that you are going to be more productive

If you don’t make a decision, you will never do it. The first step to accomplishing anything is to say the words, “I am going to do xyz.” Afterwards write it down somewhere and tell someone so that you are able to hold yourself accountable. Being productive every single day is difficult, but trust me, you will feel great at the end knowing that you got things done.

2. Prioritize!

After you decide that you are going to be more productive, write down everything you need to do and categorize them by urgent, intermediate, and ‘could be done whenever’. This way, you are able to see which things you need to get done first and which things you have a little more time to do. Once you do this, it’ll be easier to determine a schedule.

3. Plan out your weeks

THIS IS CRUCIAL! Set a day out during the week to plan out the next week. I like to do this on Saturday nights because to me that’s when my week ends and a new one begins. Plan out your days to the tea. Plan a time to wake up, a time to do laundry, time to study, time to do homework, time to relax, time to hang out, but don’t forget to add in your classes. Planning out your week can help you avoid that stuck phase where you just stand in the middle of your room not knowing what to do.

4. Dedicate a day to each subject

During high school I would leave everything for last minute. Trust me, I was the queen of getting 385 assignments done the day before the quarter ended. Do not be like me. College has taught me to take more time on my work so that I can actually learn it. Therefore, take a look at your classes for this semester and figure out which days to work on certain classes. For example, Monday’s are my criminal justice days. This means that the only material I will cover on Monday’s is criminal justice.

5. Start working ASAP

My biggest advice to you will be to start working right after your morning routine or right after class. If you wake up at a decent hour and not 10 minutes before class, you’ll be able to get a lot done. But, you can also work right after your classes. Think of it this way, If you start right after class, you’ll be able to finish the assignment faster and therefore have more time for yourself. It’s a win win!

6. Do not, under any circumstances, multitask

I know it can be easy to do multiple things at a time (I used to do this All. The. Time), but you need to understand that multitasking is going to drive you insane. For some people, multitasking makes the world make sense, but it isn’t that easy for everyone. Trust me when I say this, taking life one step at a time will keep you sane and on your toes (remember prioritize!). My dad has this saying “Cada dia trae su afan” (each day brings its eagerness). I used to hate when my dad said this, but he has a point. There is time for everything, so just breathe and take it one step at a time.

7. Know that it’s okay to say “No!”

You are not obligated to go to every single club meeting or every single party with your friends. If you know that you have an assignment due and haven’t worked on it, get on it and go out after it’s done. You are in college for a reason, don’t lose sight of it. Your friends will always be there, club meetings will always happen, but success in the future? That’s something that requires work. So, get comfortable and get to work!

8. Reward yourself

Last but not least, reward yourself. Do not overwork yourself to the point of a mental breakdown. If you need a break, take it. Set a side a day for relaxing and taking care of you. My self care day is Sunday and I take that day to do whatever I want to do. Taking care of yourself is crucial during college and can shape your happiness. Rewarding yourself also works as a good motivator. If you’re ever feeling down or lack motivation one day, remind yourself of what you will do on your self care days.

I want you to remember one thing: take it one day at a time. Being able to effectively manage your time does not come easy. But, if you’re committed, I promise you, you’ll accomplish it all. In order to help you with your time management journey, I suggest you buy yourself a Passion Planner. I recently came across this and I cannot put it down! It has helped me plan out my day, my goals, and keep me motivated to get stuff done. It’s your turn now.

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Stay vibrant & embrace the gray.

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