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Hello, Pumpkins! I know it’s not fall yet, but I miss it terribly. I can’t wait to see all the Halloween posts and fall adventures. But for now, I guess we have to go through summer. As this quarantine whines down, I’ve been thinking a lot about my future, especially about moving. I’ve always had a list of cities I want to move to in the future and I probably won’t get to live in all of them. But, these cities are so amazing that I’d literally love to live in one for the rest of my life. So without further ado, let’s dive into these beautiful cities!

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Top 10 Cities

London, England


I can already see myself in a glorious flat overlooking the cities best features with my Mini Cooper parked outside. It’s always been my dream to live in London. I feel like I talk about it at least a gazillion times a day. I’m obsessed with their accents, architecture, style, WEATHER, it’s as if my hopes and dreams just threw up in England and created London. I feel like I’d thrive so much in London, not just personally, but professionally as well. Sadly, I have yet to visit this dream location. I base my knowledge and love from books, movies, photographs, and people. But nevertheless, I am definitely going to live there one day. I was actually planning on visiting this year but Miss. Corona had entirely other plans. *sigh*

Paris, France


The vintage lover within me screams in admiration for Paris. Not many people know this, but I love vintage movies and antiques, which typically tend to be based off in France. I think the French culture is just so beautiful and their architecture is impeccable. I think it’s every girls dreams to at least visit Paris. But if I could just live there and engulf myself in the French, even for a month, I’d be beyond happy. Currently this summer I’m working on learning French which is honestly such a lovely language.

Bethlehem or Allentown, PA

As much as I talk about London, is just as much as I can talk about Pennsylvania. Did that make any sense? I literally always want to go to Pennsylvania, I feel at ease and I just love driving through their towns. I’m especially in love with Bethlehem and Allentown. For some reason, every time I pass through these places I feel like I’m in a Hallmark Christmas movie, and we all know I love my Hallmark Christmas movies. Not only that, but they also have beautiful cottages and the Disney princess inside me is just dying to burst out and experience this wonderful life.

Boston, MA

Boston is like the calm version of New York City. It’s beautiful, illustrious, and downright bursting with energy. I love the fancy modern apartments and brick buildings. Its a perfect balance between old and modern. For some reason, Boston reminds me of like the downtown of a suburb, which it probably is. I’ve only been there two or three times but each time I had so much fun exploring. I haven’t been there in a while but who knows, maybe living there would be fun.

Seattle, WA

I’ve never been to Washington, but thanks to Twilight, my love for it has deepened. I’ve seen so many pictures of Washington and videos and movies and it seems like so much fun. I’ve also heard that it rains A LOT. And we all know I have a huge appreciation and desire for rain. I feel like my life wouldn’t be complete if I don’t live in an area with lots of rain. Also, there’s a part of Seattle I believe that’s like a mini suburb but then its still close to the city so it’s not too bad. And the apartments in the city are just glorious.

Charlottesville, VA

My friend Ash recently introduced me to this city because I was talking to her about law school and contemplating where to move. A quick Google Images search and I was already swooning. It’s honestly beautiful and reminds me a lot of Pennsylvania with it’s Hallmark Christmas movie vibes. Its also super affordable and has nice weather all year round. I definitely want to make a trip down there myself to see it in person, but I’m already hooked.

Frankfurt, Germany

Oh how I long to be back on German grounds. I went for the first time ever when I was sixteen and my oh my, it is STUNNING! It’s amazing how the people care so much about nature. Every where I went, people had gardens in their balconies and tended to them with so much love and care. Also, Germany was the place where my love for Soccer was born. And can we just talk about the food? AMAZING! I went to this one roof top restaurant where it overlooks the skyline and you can see the German transition from old vintage architecture to the new modern 21 century architecture and it’s honestly stupendous.

Portland, Oregon


I think my biggest motivator for this choice is the rain. Just something about rain makes me fall in love with a place. But alas, like other places, I can only base my infatuation with photographs, videos, and more. But honestly? A photograph says a thousand words and if this photo is any indication, Portland is magnificent. Like do you see that mountain view in the back?

Toronto, Ontario


Fun fact, when I was applying to colleges, I really wanted to apply to the University of Toronto. But sadly their application fee was over $200 and my waivers didn’t qualify for international schools. But I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in Drake’s hometown. I find Canadians and Canada in general to be so fascinating. Plus, most of my favorite people come from Canada.

Sydney, Australia

What’s for breaky mate? No seriously, what’s for breakfast? I’m starving! But we can’t make a list of wonderful cities to live in without including Sydney. So much culture and architectural brilliancy has this girl fantasizing about it constantly. If I could study abroad there, I would without a question, doubt, or hesitation. But there are also so many beautiful places in Australia like Byron Bay, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Wagga Wagga, and so many more!

Final Thoughts

If you can’t tell, I have an obsession with Hallmark movies and their towns. So, yes, I basically want to live in a Hallmark movie. But who wouldn’t? Let it be known this is my official campaign to be cast in one of their movies.

Despite this post, I love being from New York. It makes me feel beyond special and it’s always an interesting topic of conversation. I’m not really good at small talk but my geography makes it easy for me to make conversation with others. I feel like people are always curious or fascinated with New York and love to learn more from the natives. But, my heart also aches for these other glorious cities. I think the one thing that freaks me out a bit is the fact that I don’t have any friends nearby. I mean I know a girl from London, I have family in Germany and a friend in Pennsylvania and Virginia. But, it’s still pretty nerve-wracking and lonely moving to a new place with brand new people. But, I’m so excited to see what the future holds and where I’ll end up!

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