• Becoming Michelle Obama
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    Becoming by Michelle Obama

    I think we can all agree that Michelle Obama is literally a phenomenon. Like a literal queen. Which is why when she announced that she was releasing a book, I religiously watched my phone waiting for the day it’d go online. Becoming is a memoir in which she highlights all the stages of her life leading up to where she is now. And honestly? She’s even more amazing than I previously thought. But before I get into my thoughts about the book, I want to officially welcome you to the Books Galore column of my blog. I wanted to create this section because I’ve been obsessed with reading since the…

  • July Affirmations
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    July Affirmations (Monthly Dose of Confidence)

    Happy July guys, and welcome back to a new set of daily affirmations. I feel like when it comes to affirmation posts I always start off with “OMG can you believe we’re already at this month?!!” But, honestly, it’s true!! I feel like I’ve lived 30 days in 1 because of how fast the year has been. It’s incredible how life can literally pass by without you even realizing it. Which is why we need to make the most out of the rest of the year. For our July Affirmations, I really wanted to focus on intentionality and what it means to live in the moment. So if you’re ready…