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Life Lessons New York City Has Taught Me

I am very fortunate to say that I was raised in New York City. A place that can either make or break you. It’s a place where simply walking to the grocery store can teach you a lesson. A place where you will encounter so many different people that will teach you so many different things. During my time in New York City, I’ve learned many lessons. Some of which I know I would not have learned anywhere else. I absolutely love that I am from here and that I’m able to learn every single day from a city that I love. New York City is not only my home, but it is my university of life.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 3 lessons NYC has taught me in life. These 3 lessons, amongst others, are very important so I hope you listen to them closely.

You are the only person that can create your path

In New York, you either pave your own path or get nowhere at all. New York is like college, you’re not going to be taken by the hand through every obstacle. You need to kick, punch, and fight your way through life in order to get what you want and to where you want to be. Not everyone is going to be fortunate enough to have a mentor or family friend, and even if you do, you are the one that can craft your own success. Your determination, dedication, and work ethic determine where you will be tomorrow. YOU and you alone determine what your life will be like tomorrow.

New York has made me a hard worker. It has shown me the difficulties of life and the beauty of life. It has shown me how to be strong, brave, and fight for what I want. It’s tough out here, but it’s up to you whether you let that toughness consume you or if you come out on top.

The world is not going to stop to make time for you

New York City, is fast paced! And, if you fall flat on your face while walking in the big crowd, you’re on your own. There are too many places to go to, too many things to do, and too many people to see. You need to learn how to keep up because the world is not going to stop to keep you up to speed. You either swim with the sharks or get eaten alive. Therefore, when you fall flat on your face, GET UP! You get up and you start running and you show this world who you are. DO NOT under any circumstances let yourself be trampled on by the crowd because you’re too busy looking at your bruises. Those bruises will heal honey, but your success? If you want that, you gotta go after it and worry about those bruises later.

Not everyone is your fan

I CAN NOT SAY THIS ONE ENOUGH! You are going to encounter so many people who will bring you down, disrespect your name, try to defame you, and hate on you for no reason. But, I am here to tell you, THIS DOES NOT MATTER! For every one person that does not like you, there are going to be 3 more that love you. Don’t waste your time giving in to all these negative and toxic people, DO YOU BOO BOO! But, also be aware, there will also be people in your life that will show you love and speak bad on your name behind your back. WE DO NOT WANT THESE PEOPLE IN OUR LIFE. Surround yourself with people who support you, bring you up, and make you better because the people you surround yourself with play a role in who you become.

But I also want you to understand something, no matter how many people you have in your life that love you and support you, YOU are the creator of your life, success, and happiness. Therefore, only allow love and positivity into your life. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve and what you want. And ALWAYS, no matter what, do what it is that you want to do and what makes you happy.

I hope that you found these lessons helpful and that they have inspired you the way that they have inspired me. If you’d like me to make this a series, leave me a comment down below! I’d love to share with you all the things I’ve learned living here.

Until next time,

Stay vibrant & embrace the gray.

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  • Jasmine Torres

    Thank you for inspiring me with this post. I love the encouragement of how to be a better version of ourselves and let nothing stop us. Some people have a hard time controlling their own life, so I hope other people (including me) get inspired and motivate ourselves to control our life and what we want in our life. Thank you best friend. Love you. <3 -Jasmine

  • Jackie | The Vibrant Dreamer

    Congratulations on launching your blog!

    I love this! It took me a long time to learn some of these lessons! Especially the “not everyone will be your fan” one.

    I’ve visited New York once, and the vibe is way different than where I’m from but in a good way. New York seems like a great place to grow up. I’d love to hear more about it!

    • tathy

      Thank you so much! You should definitely try coming more often. Trust me, you will learn so much simply by watching people interact. Thank you so much for embarking on this journey with me💖

  • look here

    I’m so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

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