June Affirmations
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June Affirmations (Monthly Dose of Confidence)

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Happy June!! Oh, my guys, it’s literally been half a year already! Can you believe that? Month six out of twelve of 2019 when it was month one YESTERDAY. It’s been such an amazing year so far. So full of ups and downs, positives and negatives, successes and failures. But, everything has been such a blessing and a lesson in our lives. We’ve grown so much, whether we realize it or not, in a short period of time. For our June Affirmations, I want us to focus on gratitude and abundance. Lets begin!

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Daily June Affirmations

Instructions: In order to get the full experience with affirmations we must be willing to reflect and understand in order to truly believe. I suggest that you go about your affirmations by reading each one slowly and carefully, taking a break to process and reflect before moving on to the next one. Read each one twice a day: when you wake up and right before going to bed.

  • June Affirmations
  • June Affirmations
  • June affirmations
  • June Affirmations
  • June Affirmations

The June Challenge

June is a month of so many ends, halves, and beginnings. We’re finishing up school, halfway through the year, and in the process of starting our summer vacations. One simple month full of so many things. Which is why it can be so difficult to take a step back and appreciate everything we’ve done, how much we’ve grown, and everything that we have. My challenge for you this month is gratitude.

Take some time out of your day, everyday, whether it’s in the morning or at night, to write down what you’re grateful for and why.

Our lives are so fast-paced and full of busy hours that we forget to appreciate all the little things in life.

We forget why we started, our purpose, our path, ourselves, those around us, our sacrifices, our blessings, we forget it all.

So for this month, my challenge to you is to get in the habit of keeping a gratitude journal.

Write down what happened throughout the day and why you are grateful for it. It can be as simple as being grateful for waking up in the morning. Whatever it is, take time to appreciate it.

Get in the habit of feeling and expressing your gratitude for yourself, those around you, and what you have.

I. Triple. Dog. Dare. Ya.

Until next time,

Stay vibrant & embrace the gray

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