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Introducing Vibrantly Grayful!!!

Happy New Year snowflakes!! It’s finally time to say goodbye to 2019 and HELLO 2020!! I wish I could say I have 2020 vision but…. I wear glasses. But it’s okay!!! I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted to bring into this new year from the previous decade and what I wanted to leave behind. And one thing I noticed was that I fell in love with something in 2019 and that something is poetry. It all started with Breathe by Christina Ramirez. I’ve known Christina since high school so when I found out that she wrote a poetry book I just had to have it.

The day I got it in the mail I was sooo beyond happy. I instantly ran to my dorm, texted her, and began to read. Instantly I was flooded with emotions and OMG I cannot tell you how much I cried. But, by the end of it, I felt so relieved. It was like I was reborn. Ever since that day I’ve been obsessing over poetry and constantly reading poems and wanting to buy poetry books. Before all of that I knew about poetry and had a favorite poem (I am Nobody by Emily Dickinson) but I never really pegged myself as a poetry type of girl.

But, thanks to Christina I found my way in poetry which is where Vibrantly Grayful comes in

Vibrantly Grayful

I knew that poetry was dying out. Less and less people cared about it each day and it’s honestly super sad. But, for those of us who still love it and want to see more of it, especially from unknown poets, I wanted to create Vibrantly Grayful. It’s a section of my blog which will feature poetry written by myself, my friends, the writing community, and poets all around who want to share what they feel through the use of poetry.

I want this to be an outlet for people to destress and feel comfortable. A place where your thoughts can run wild and you can receive support from people who are feeling the same thing.

I want to be able to provide people with a way of letting it all out. No matter how dark or bright it is.

Vibrantly Grayful will be launching on January 10, 2020!!!

You can submit your poetry by pressing the button below and filling out the information. Once you do that I will be in contact with you via email to go over all the details. I will be taking submissions throughout the entire year FROM EVERYONE! I would love to post on the 10th of each month, however, I know I’ll probably post on other days as well.

All that being said, I hope you all had an amazing new years and that 2020 bring so much joy and prosperity to your life!

Until next time,

Stay Vibrant & Embrace The Gray!

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