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How to Plan Out Your Day The Right Way

Something I really got into during the month of April was scheduling (and I’m talking religiously!). I’ve always been the type to make plans for everything, even the most minuscule tasks. Therefore, I decided that instead of having hundreds of sticky notes flying around everywhere, I should put it all together on a schedule. In order to effectively plan my days, I knew that I had to start with an online calendar first because it’ll be more convenient and I’ll be able to receive notifications. That being said, my tutorial down below is for electronic use but I will be making a physical planner tutorial soon.

Note: I am not affiliated with anything linked down below!

What do I use to plan out my day?


My favorite online calendar is Google Calendar. I’ve been using Google Calendar for about 3 weeks now and am completely in love. With Google Calendar, I have the creative freedom to create a schedule any way I want. I have the ability to color coordinate and have an abundance of sections.

As you can see Google Calendar gives you the option to view your schedule either weekly, daily, or monthly. I always keep my calendar on the weekly option because I like to see what I’m doing today and on the upcoming days.

However, I also keep a physical planner and a white-board calendar just in case.

What are the benefits of planning out your days?

Have you ever felt bored out of your mind with absolutely nothing to do? Have you ever spent hours laying in bed because you don’t know how to start off your day? If you answered yes, then you need to start planning out your days.

Have you ever noticed how CEO’s or big-name people have their days planned out to the tea? Like literally, they have written down what time they’re going to have their morning tea, what time they’ll start their commute, and even how long their lunch will be and where. They know exactly what they’re going to do each second of the day. This makes them more productive, eliminates their stress, and increases their profits/relations.

I don’t know about you, but one day I want to be one of those big-name bosses. But in order to do that, I need to make sure that I am as productive as I can be each and every day. I also need to make sure that I am level-headed and prepared to take on tasks in a timely manner.

Planning out your days eliminates the stress of wondering “what’s next?” It eliminates procrastination or time spent debating what to do first.

By planning your day, you’re more likely to be more productive and accomplish more within 24 hours. If you read my post on managing stress, then you know that one of my steps to productively manage stress is “create”. The creation step is all about making lists and schedules.

I can genuinely say that I make about 10 lists per day. Whether it’s things that need to get done or options of food to eat, I create a list for it. Then I use that list to create my schedule.

It is also great for time management :).

Plan out your day

When it comes to planning out your days, I suggest you take time on Sunday mornings to plan out your entire week.

Step 1: Create sections

In order to create sections, you’ll need to click the + sign right next to “other calendars” and click on “create new calendar”.

Then you’ll be taken to a different tab which will allow you to add the title of the section and a description.

I have sections for many things. For example:
– appointments
– class
– homework
– events
– and of course, my blog.

Each one of my sections has a different color so that I’m able to differentiate between my activities throughout the day.

Step 2: Put in your recurrent events

To add things onto your calendar you can either click the create button or click on a time slot. After that, a pop up will appear that will give you the basics of a calendar event. Your next step will be to click the ‘more options’ tab. This will give you a vast variety of options.

Once you’re in the bigger tab, you’ll add the title, the section it’s under, the time, and the recurrence.

To add the recurrence you need to click the “does not repeat” tab and click on custom. Here, you’ll be able to add which days it will occur and when the recurrent event will end.

Now the only thing left to do is click save and you’ll be left with this:


Step 3: Add in miscellaneous tasks

By miscellaneous I mean shower, relaxing, eating, and commuting time. Anything that isn’t an event, appointment, or reminder, I consider it to be a miscellaneous task. It’s important that you do this before adding anything else because you’ll be able to see what blocks of your day you actually have available.

Note: This is a representation of what my schedule looks like, your schedule will look completely different with different time blocks.


Step 4: Add in your to-do lists, reminders, events, etc.

Adding your to-do lists, reminders, and events are super easy. You just need to repeat the steps above and classify what it is. Once you do this, your schedule is complete.

Also, for each task, event, or reminder remember to add a description. What I like to do is that for any homework or classes I am taking, I write down what I will be working on during that period and how I will be working on it. When it comes time to actually complete the task you won’t end up staring at your screen for hours because you can’t figure out what to do. Since you created a plan beforehand, you’ll already know.

Step 5: Download the app

If we’re being honest, you’re not going to be on your laptop all day. Therefore, it’s probably best that you download the Google Calendar app onto your phone. It’ll look exactly like the online version but now you’ll receive notifications.

Final notes

Getting used to the routine of creating a schedule and following it is going to be so hard at first. But, if you truly focus on it and decide to commit to it, you’ll soon get into the habit of creating a set plan for your days.

Remember to always make your schedule as realistic as possible. You want to make sure that you have enough room to commute, shower, eat, and everything else.

I really hope that this post helped you out a little and you’re able to implement this into your daily lives.

Until next time,

Stay vibrant & embrace the gray

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  • Nyxie

    I’ve tried to plan out my days by using google calendars but just can’t get the hang of it. I will need to sit down and actually take time to plan and set alarms accordingly!

    Thank you for sharing.

    – Nyxie

  • Sarah

    I used Google calendar for several years and really enjoyed it. However, I have since shifted to a paper planner, though it doesn’t give me the same ability to plan as thoroughly as the Google calendar did, it works for the time being. I never really gave much thought to adding things like meals and showers to my planner, but reading this it makes sense why you would include those things, especially if you want to make the most of your day.

    • tathy

      Definitely!! We always overlook the little things which end up being the most important things. Sometimes when we plan our our days, we forget to add those minute details & then we’re getting ready for bed & realize we haven’t ate all day. So make sure to add in break times!!! Thank you so much for reading & for your comment💖

  • Shea

    Yes! I love being organized and really plan out my days. Every morning I sit at my desk and write out my to-do list for the day. This Google Calendar concept is a fantastic idea as well.

    • tathy

      Love this! It’s so important that we know what we need to do each day! & starting off with to-do lists is amazing🙌🏻

    • tathy

      Trust me, you will! I’ve always made to-do lists of what needed to get done. But once I start putting those lists into schedules…. MIND BLOWN! It’s so amazing how productive you will be!

  • Siobhan Hancock

    Great article. I always add in miscellaneous tasks or I forget them. My calendar is like a to do list. I do second this kind of organisation. Then you can always reflect on what you’ve done the previous day if you’re a super busy on the go person like me

  • Sarah

    I have never used Google Calendar, but it seems pretty easy to use. I’m going to check it out. I am terrible with paper planners/calendar books.

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