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4 Ways To Create a Professional Email

Emailing is one of the primary forms of communication between adults. Therefore, it is important to have a professional email that will appeal to employers and anyone in the professional field. I never knew how crucial having a professional email was to your image, but trust me, it can change A LOT. Employers want to see that you’re serious, professional, and hardworking, which is why making your email look spotless is so important! In this post, you’ll learn exactly how to do just that and kill it in the professional world one email at a time.

1. Have a professional handle

Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other form of mail, always make sure that you use your professional name (ex. This is important because it provides a second source for your name and it will be easier for employers to remember. It also looks more professional than Along with this, make sure that the name you provide for your profile matches the name on your handle (you don’t want to have the account name be “Perry the Platypus” and have your email handle be–that’s way too confusing and a teeny bit embarrassing).

2. Take a business-like headshot

It’s photoshoot time people! Time to get out your best business outfit and plaster on a big smile for the camera. This is actually a very important step. A profile picture can put a face to the name and it can change peoples perspective of you. For example:

Exhibit A

Although this looks like a lot of fun, you can’t really tell who owns the email in this picture. Also, if you’re emailing with an employer or co-worker, it wouldn’t seem professional to them that you have a picture like this. It’ll make them feel as though you’re mixing your professional life with your social life (we don’t want this!).

Exhibit B

Oh the tongue out selfie, I bet all of you have at least 10 pictures like this. This may look cute for your instagram feed, but it does not look cute for your professional email. Employers want to see that you take yourself and your job seriously. This being said, a selfie of you with your tongue out does not scream “I’M A PROFESSIONAL”, but rather, “I LIKE TO HAVE FUN”! Having fun is great and I encourage you to do it. But, make sure you keep the silly side out of the office! (you also don’t want anything covering your face)

Exhibit C

This would be an awesome picture for instagram…. for your email, however, not so much. First thing is that you can’t even see the persons face. It is important for your profile to have your face on it so people are able to visualize who they’re speaking to. Therefore, almost falling to your death to take a pic of your shoes on a roof, is not the way to go for your email.

The best picture for your email would be a portrait style picture of only you with a clear background. In this picture make sure your hair looks great, you dress professionally, and you keep a big beautiful smile, like this:

3. Create a signature

Whenever someone like an employer or mentor emailed me, I realized that they all had some sort of a mini-profile in the closing of their emails. This usually included their name in bold, their contact information (phone number or email), and their job title. In order to add this signature into your emails, you’ll need to go to your account settings and find the option that has the signature (usually under general). Then you’ll want to make the font size around 18 and bold your name (I’d also suggest changing the color so your name can stand out). Right under your name should be any job titles you might have and under that will be your contact information. Like this:

4. Download Grammarly

Making grammar or spelling mistakes while emailing your boss or future employer is a no no! Which is why you need to download Grammarly right now! As you type, Grammarly will highlight any mistakes you might’ve made and provide you with suggestions on how to make it better. Since I’ve started using Grammarly, all my emails, papers, and letters, have not had a single mistake in them. Even though we’re all human and make mistakes, it’s still best to take the steps necessary to ensure that we spell certain words correctly. So, save yourself from having to explain to your boss what you’re writing to them and download Grammarly now!

That’s it, folks! Get to emailing and take the world by storm! I hope this post helped you out a little in creating your professional email. If you have any more tips, make sure to leave a comment down below to help each other out!

Until next time,

Stay vibrant & embrace the gray.

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