Habits to Get Into to Have A Successful Year in School


Back to school season is in full swing and boy am I ready!! I’m always the only person that gets super excited for school, but that’s because I love stationary. I can literally spend hours in the back to school section of Target. But, transitioning from summer break to full-on work is always a little difficult. Which is why I’ve comprised a list of 13 habits to get into in order to have a successful school year. So if you’re ready to DOMINATE this new year, keep reading!


As much as we all hate this, it must be done. I know how easy it can be to spend an entire day scrolling through social media or binge watching Netflix. But when it comes to school, try to limit electronic use for purposes other than school. One way I do this is by working hard the entire day up until like 5 or 6 and then relaxing with some Netflix. And I also take breaks. For example, when I eat, I love to watch Netflix or Youtube. So I’ll allow myself to watch somethings while I eat. But once I’ve ate and I’m rested, it’s back to work I go.

It’s super important to block out all distractions when doing school work. You don’t want to accidentally write something that someone said on a show or leave a sentence half written (I’ve done this multiple times).

So get in the habit of unplugging a little each day. Maybe work consistently for 30 minutes to an hour without distractions and then allow yourself a 15-minute break. You can learn more about unplugging here.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

One of my mentors throughout high school had this saying that has resonated with me like no other.

“Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” (The 5 P’s)

The more you prepare, the better equipped you will be later on.

Plan your days, outfits, assignments, events. Plan it all!!

It might seem tedious and annoying but it will save you so much time later on.

After your first week of classes, sit down with your syllabus and planner and write down all your due dates. Then break down your assignments allowing yourself at least 5 days to work on it. Completing assignments in chunks can make a huge difference because you’re not going to feel the pressure of having to get it all done at once. So set time aside each day to complete a section, allotting extra time for editing.

But don’t just schedule your assignments. Schedule everything including quizzes, tests, review sessions, appointments with tutoring or writing centers, events, meetings. ALL OF IT!

Trust me seeing a weekly or monthly spread of what your days are going to look like will change your life! Also, get in the habit of making daily to-do lists. I used to make about 5 a day.

Surround yourself with the right people

The people you surround yourself with, shape the person you will become.



Your circle has one of the biggest impacts on your life. It shapes how you think, the things you do, and how you feel. So make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people who embody what you want to be.

If you are not continuously inspired and motivated by the people you are associating with, then you’re not associating with the right type of people.

Surround yourself with people who empower you!

Dedicate an hour to studying every day

Studying for a little bit each day is super beneficial. I know for me it gets hard to study when I’m not under pressure. I do my best when I study the day of. But that’s not always helpful. So take at least an hour every night to just go through your notes. You might think it’s pointless but when it comes time to study full on, you’ll remember a lot more.

Communicate with your professors

I cannot stress this enough! I didn’t do this my first semester or the beginning of my second semester. But towards the end, I started utilizing my professors more and it completely changed my life!! I was no longer stressing about not understanding something because I could easily email them or meet up with them. Professors have office hours for a reason! It’s to help you get the best grade possible. And if you can’t go to their office hours for whatever reason, catch them before or after class. Trust me, professors take note of how much effort you put into engaging with them. So make sure they know your name and know that you’re trying.

Take advantage of resources

Along with communicating with your professors make sure that you are taking advantage of everything your school has to offer. Go to the tutoring center, writing center, internship fairs, etc. You might not think they’re helpful but you will learn at least something or connect with someone. A little help goes a long way so take all the help you can get! I know I’m going to be spending a TON of time at the tutoring center this semester because I have to take math and we are NOT friends. I was thinking of going at least once a week and twice during midterms and finals.

Dedicate time to your mental health

College can be stressful. Especially when you have 100 different things going on. So make sure to always set time aside for you.

I love taking time every day to just be on my own. Whether it’s taking an extra long shower, reading for fun, watching Netflix, working out, journaling; I always try to make time for me.

I’d recommend 30-60 mins a day just for you. It can be early in the morning, right before bed, or somewhere in between.

It’s super important to take care of yourself and allow yourself some time to breathe. You don’t want to overwhelm your mind or your body.

So whenever you feel like you need to take a step back, do it. It’s such an essential habit.

Establish healthy morning & night routines

Make your mornings and nights a habit. Establish a consistent routine that you follow every single morning and night. Not only will it save you a ton of time, but it will also help your body get back into the flow of school.

I don’t know about you but I feel way more productive when I have an established routine to begin my days and end them. It also gives me more energy throughout the day and makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

If you don’t know what to do in the mornings I give you a sneak peek into my 4 am morning routine here.

Arrive early and sit in the front

Why be late to class when you can be early and prepared? Save yourself the hassle of having to rush into class by arriving at least 5-10 minutes earlier. It’s super beneficial because it’ll show your professors that you care enough to be early and that you’re attentive. Many professors don’t mind that you’re late but you also don’t know how much you miss!

Another great tip is to sit in the front of the class!! Growing up I always wanted to sit in the back because I thought that’s where all the cool kids sat and it was easier to be on my phone. But sitting in the front will change your entire life. You will not only retain more information but you won’t feel the need to be distracted as much.

I usually sat in one of the rows in the middle of the classroom or near the door. And I would choose between seats 1-3.

Keep everything clean & tidy

Messy work areas STRESS. ME. OUT. I can never work when I’m surrounded by piles and piles of mess. And I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of people.

Like, have you ever had those moments in class when you’re like “I can’t wait to be productive when I get home”. Then you get home, see your mess, and just give up? Yeah, it’s no fun. Too much mess can make you so unproductive and that’s something we don’t want!

So make sure to keep your area clean and tidy by picking up after yourself every day and designating a day to cleaning. For me, I love to clean on Saturday mornings. Don’t ask me why I just do. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t pick up a few things throughout the week. So whenever I take something out of its place I always put it back when I’m done. THE LITTLE THINGS MATTER!

Wake up earlier & go to bed earlier

College students are like New York City. They never sleep… like, ever. You can literally walk in the halls of a dorm at random hours of the night and there’s bound to be people in lounges or roaming the halls. IT’S TERRIBLE for our mental health. It’s actually super funny now that I think about it. Because even though we don’t sleep, for some reason we have so much energy. Yet we can’t take 8 ams????

But it’s definitely important to try to get a decent amount of sleep each night. So whenever you can, try to go to bed early and wake up earlier. It’ll give you a burst of energy and make you way more productive.

Diversify your working environment

Try to switch up your location from time to time. I always stayed in my room but I realized that there were days that I just couldn’t get any work done in there. So I would go to lounges or the library and all of a sudden I was able to do work.

So when you feel like you’re in a rut and can’t get anything done, try to change it up a bit. Maybe instead of working in your room, go to the library. Or change out of your pajamas and get into some regular clothes. Change something up and see how it works out. And when in doubt, just put your hair in a bun… trust me it’ll make you productive.

Set goals

Whatever you do in life, always make sure to establish goals. Set goals for the day, week, month, and semester. It will give you a purpose, something to work towards, AND something to hold you accountable.

I know when I set my goals for the day I can’t go to sleep without accomplishing them.

Plus it’ll make the school year a lot more fun!

Final Thoughts

Creating success habits for school can be a hard thing. But practice makes perfect! Practice these habits every single day. It honestly does not take a lot of effort.

Think of your habits as hobbies that way it won’t seem as tedious. And remember,

You can’t be a girl boss without girl boss habits!! So try these and embark on your girl boss journey!

Until next time,

Stay Vibrant & Embrace The Gray

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  1. August 16, 2019 / 3:44 pm

    These tips are so useful and handy, especially because I have not mentally prepared myself to go back to Uni.
    Lovely post x

    Love Karen| https://thekcomponent.com/

    • tathy
      August 16, 2019 / 7:48 pm

      I have 1 week till I go back & omg !! I need I need these habits IN MY LIFE!!

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