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Ultimate College Must Haves​

When I was figuring out what to bring to college, I spent days scrolling through Pinterest. I ended up making about 30 lists with about 600 things each (not really, but you get the picture). Upon moving into college, I realized that out of the whole list I made I only needed less than half of it. I feel like when it comes to taking big steps in life we go a little overboard, which is why we tend to overbuy. That is why I crafted a list of what you ACTUALLY need to get (WARNING: decorations not included, I’ll leave that to your discretion). I hope that this list helps you out and makes this transition a little bit easier.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links

For the bed:

Note: Twin XL is the typical bed size for dorms, which is why everything is Twin XL. Please check with your school to see their recommended size.

Mattress Protector: Amazon

Sheets: Amazon

Mattress topper: Amazon

Comforter: Amazon

Mattress pad: Amazon

Back rest pillow: Amazon

Standard pillows: Amazon

Comfy fluffy blanket: Amazon

Side caddy: Amazon

Pillow cases: Amazon


Body wash

Toothbrush (I suggest you get multiple)

Steripod: Amazon



Towel set: Amazon

Hair wrap: Amazon


Razor (I suggest you get multiple)

Shaving cream




Shower shoes: Amazon

Beauty: Q-Tips // Cotton Rounds


Hair brush/comb

Feminine products

Your skin care essentials

Hair ties

Nail care kit: Amazon

Hair clips

Shower caddy: Amazon


Lysol: Spray // Wipes

Kaboom (if you have your own bathroom): Amazon

Febreeze: Amazon

Poo-Pourri: Amazon

Bounty: Amazon

Dish soap: Amazon

Dish sponge: Amazon

Tissues: Amazon

Windex: Amazon


Swiffer: Amazon

Trash can: Big // Small

Trash bags



Stain remover

Laundry basket: Amazon



Microsoft One Note


Microsoft Word


Microsoft Powerpoint



10 foot charger for phone: iPhone // Android

Regular chargers


HDMI cable: Amazon


Extension cord/surge protector: Amazon


Microwaveable plates/bowls: Plates // Bowls

Forks/spoons/knives: Amazon // Target

Pots & Pans: Amazon

Water bottle: Amazon

Tupperware: Amazon

Keurig: Target

2 cups: Target

2 mugs: Amazon

1 big container (to hold your snacks): Amazon

Any snacks/food you’d like


Velvet hangers: Amazon

Plastic drawer: Amazon

Sweater organizer: Amazon

Drawer dividers: Amazon

Double rack (if you have a lot of clothes): Amazon

Hamper: Amazon


Steamer: Amazon // Target

Accordion folder: Amazon

Command hooks/strips: Amazon

White board: Amazon // Target

Mini ottoman (I use this for storage and as a step stool): Amazon // Target

Passion Planner

1 plastic folder: Amazon // Target

Pens: Ballpoint // Flair // Gel

Index Cards: Colored // Non-colored

Post its: Plain // Rainbow

Pencils: Amazon

1 5 subject notebook: Target

Metal lubricant: Amazon

Try your hardest to avoid overbuying because you don’t really need that much and you’re not going to have enough space for everything anyway. I hope that this long but necessary list is helpful to you in your dorm shopping journey.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, I suggest signing up for a free 6-month trial for Amazon Prime Student. This is an awesome way to not only save money with deals but to also receive your packages fast.

Until next time,

Stay vibrant & embrace the gray.

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