Books Galore

Books Galore contains a variety of books from poetry, memoirs, fiction, autobiographies, and so much more. This section of Vibrant & Gray is strictly dedicated to provide readers an entryway to the wonderful world of books. Books Galore will include book hauls, reviews, and recommendations.

  • Becoming Michelle Obama
    Books Galore

    Becoming by Michelle Obama

    I think we can all agree that Michelle Obama is literally a phenomenon. Like a literal queen. Which is why when she announced that she was releasing a book, I religiously watched my phone waiting for the day it’d go online. Becoming is a memoir in which she highlights all the stages of her life leading up to where she is now. And honestly? She’s even more amazing than I previously thought. But before I get into my thoughts about the book, I want to officially welcome you to the Books Galore column of my blog. I wanted to create this section because I’ve been obsessed with reading since the…

  • Breathe by Christina Ramirez
    Books Galore,  Personal Development

    “Breathe” by Christina Ramirez

    Being in a relationship is wonderful. You’re full of butterflies and excitement. You create new memories and experience a lot of firsts with someone very important. This person turns into more than just your partner, they become your best friend. For some people, these relationships last forever. For others, it ends without notice and with no explanation. “Breathe” by Christina Ramirez is a poetry book about pain and suffering. It details all the feelings a person goes through when the love of their life leaves. If you’ve ever experienced this, I want you to know that you are not alone. There are millions of people each day that are experiencing…