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My Monthly Goals for April (Productivity Overload)

Ahhh, the sweet smell of April showers….. or the 4 walls of my bedroom surrounding me. Sigh. I wish I was out in the rain. Realistically speaking, it hasn’t rained in a while. But then again, I haven’t been outside in what seems like forever, so what do I know right? But you can’t keep a lover away from its rain, so cue my Apple music rain sound playlist and let’s get to the meat of the matter!! April is my absolute favorite month… duh, it’s my birth month. But putting that aside, there’s something so refreshing about this month and I’m not just talking about the rain. Can you tell I’m obsessed with rain?

Although spring isn’t my favorite season (it’s fall), I still think spring is equally as beautiful. It constantly rains, giving the most refreshing smells to the atmosphere. Flowers bloom and cast beautiful vibrant and pastel colors across the streets. And…. it brings us closer to the end of the semester… and what a semester it has been *rolls eyes*

My Goals for April

March was extremely unproductive and un-beneficial for me (if that’s even a word). Nothing got done, I was sick, unmotivated, I wasn’t bettering myself, basically, all hell broke loose. But, April, oh so glorious April, is going to be completely different. I’m talking about productivity OVERLOAD. And what better way to get things done then to have v&g hold me accountable?

Let’s Play Catch Up

For my first goal, I obviously want to catch up. I had a cold for about a month that really drained all energy within me. I wasn’t getting anything done, so naturally I fell a little behind in school. So for this month, since we’re nearing finals and the end of the semester, I want to catch up and complete all work I missed.


Like I said, I was sick for an entire month… an entire month without the gym. I’ve missed working out so much and I honestly have been praying for the energy to get up and work out again. Trust me, we’re coming out of this quarantine FIT AF!

Write, Write, Write

One of my favorite things to do is write. Stories, blog posts, captions, journals, tweets, I absolutely love it all. So I want April to be full of constant writing. I have so many blog posts I want to get up, especially on book reviews. I’ve been getting super serious about my reading lately, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. I was even thinking of starting a Bookstagram… what do you guys think??

And We’re Live In 3…2…

No, I’m not starting a Youtube just yet. But I do have a podcast that I’d love for you guys to listen to! It’s called The Vibrancy Podcast and you can find it wherever you listen to podcasts! Since I was sick, I couldn’t really give it the TLC it needed, but we are coming back this Monday, better than ever! So make sure to stay tuned and subscribe!

Baby, It’s You!

Like I’ve mentioned numerous times, April is my birth month. And I figured since I’m going to be indoors for the month, I might as well treat myself as much as I can. I definitely have the time to take better care of myself without excuses. And what better way to pass the time than by bettering myself? Just yesterday I curled my hair for the first time in YEARS! And it completely inspired me to learn how to do different hairstyles. I also want to learn a different language during this time or pick up a new skill. Just something to enhance myself, my brain, and my health.

Final Notes

I know we’re all living through such difficult times. We’re getting tired of being indoors, completely bored out of our minds, and itching to get out. But until we receive the all clear we should all do our part and stay inside. These are such scary times and there’s no need for us to be outside unless its absolutely necessary. So please, everyone, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Take this time to relax, reconnect with yourself, build an empire, bond with your families, or whatever your heart desires that can be done within your homes.

I geared all my goals for the month towards something productive that’ll keep me happy to be indoors and make me a better version of myself. You can do the same too. Try to look at the situation as positive as can be. I know it’s been hard for many people and not everyone is living within the same conditions. But, if we all try our best to spread as much hope and positivity as possible, we’ll be able to come out of this stronger than ever. That’s my spiel about this whole thing, but just rememer….

Stay Vibrant & Embrace The Gray

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