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April Affirmations (Monthly Dose of Confidence)

Happy April you guys!!! Can you believe we’re already 4 months into 2019? Crazy right? April is one of my favorite months in the year (mostly because it’s my birth month) so I’m super excited for this month’s affirmations and challenge. Since this month is all about blooming I want to target my April Affirmations towards growth. It’s such a funny thing how each day we’re growing but we don’t even realize it. But this month we’re going to notice because we are going to put in WORK for that growth. So, without further ado, here goes the 10 April Affirmations.

Note: All affirmations are taken from Pinterest. For more, check out V&G’s Pinterest.

Daily April Affirmations

  • april affirmations
  • april affirmations
  • april affirmations
  • april affirmations
  • april affirmations

The April Challenge

This month’s challenge is going to be one of the scariest. I came across this at a Women’s Leadership Conference at my school and at the time, I didn’t pay much attention to it. But we’re going to change that this month. My challenge for this month is authenticity. Who are you when no one is around? Who are you when you are at your happiest? What makes you different? Which sides of you do you keep hidden from the world?

I want to challenge you guys to authenticity because I know that we all hide parts of ourselves around people because we’re afraid of their reactions or what they’ll say. But what gets to me is that we actually let people dictate our happiness and who we are. That’s not okay. Since this is a month of blossoming and growing, lets challenge ourselves to fully bloom into who we are.

Be courageous! There is absolutely nothing wrong with who you are. You are a beautiful and amazing person and it does not matter what others think. The only opinion that should matter to you is yours. As long as you’re happy with who you are and as long as you are happy doing what you do, that is all that matters.

I know that it won’t be easy and it’s going to be scary and confusing, but that’s what life is all about. We can’t hide who we are forever, that’s emotionally draining. And like I said last month, it’s time we take risks because we never know where they might lead.

So take it slow. Maybe start with one person or one thing about yourself and gradually work towards being your complete and wholesome self with the rest of the world. Go on, I triple dog dare ya!

Until next time,

Stay vibrant & embrace the gray.

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