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The 5 Apps Every Adult Needs to Make Adulting Easier

Let’s face it, being an adult is not easy. Once you’re an adult, its bye bye mom and dad and hello life. You have to cook for yourself, clean for yourself, build credit, budget, balance your life, and somehow figure out what you’re going to do the rest of your life. For some people, adulting comes naturally, but, for others, its a long and hard journey. Down below I’ve created a list of Apps that will help you in your adulthood journey. I personally use all apps listed below and can genuinely say that they have helped me tremendously!

Note: I am not affiliated with any apps mentioned.

1. Credit Karma

Once I turned 18 my #1 priority was to set up my credit. Building your credit is super beneficial because it can help you in lots of things such as: getting your first apartment, a car, or even getting a loan from the bank. However, getting good credit and keeping it is super hard. Lucky for you, I’ve written a post on how to maintain good credit which you can check out here. Credit Karma is an app which allows you to check your TransUnion and Equifax credit scores. Every 7 days the information updates to give you your new credit scores based on your credit cards, loans, payments, utilization, and more. Credit Karma is definitely an app you need as an adult in order to have your credit score easily accessible. (You should also download the app for any bank you’re apart of)

2. Mint


We’ve all been in this position. The position in which we’re staring at our cash or bank account and wondering where it all went. Then we give ourselves a lecture about the consequences of spending money and how we need to budget. But then we go out to eat with our friends as if the last 5 minutes of your mind yelling at you didn’t happen (this is not adulting!).

If you’re one of these people, and I know that you are, Mint is the app for you. I constantly find myself in conversations with my friends about saving money and budgeting and how we’re spending too much on absolutely nothing. And this is all because we know absolutely nothing about our finances or where our money is going. I’ve always been money savvy but since downloading Mint, I’ve been extra cautious about where my money goes because now I see it on display on my phone. I can see how many times I’m eating out, how many times I shop, and how much money I spend on coffee alone. And it honestly makes you take a step back and reconsider spending money.

what actually is Mint?

Mint is an app that helps you be in control of your finances. It is super easy to use, all you need to do is sign up and link your accounts. On Mint you can keep track of your transactions, bills, credit, and how much money you’re saving/spending. There is also a section on Mint that shows you exactly what you’re spending money on and how much is being spent. For example, if you eat out a lot, there will be a category for restaurants with the amount of money you’ve spent on restaurants. This is such an amazing feature because it’ll allow you to see what you need to cut back on. So, if you want to budget your money and keep track of your spending, I highly suggest downloading Mint for free.

(Side note: I have a blog post on budgeting and some templates coming soon!! Be on the lookout).

3. Trello


Staying on top of our game 24/7 is one of the hardest things we have to do as adults. We have to remember our appointments, projects, chores, schedules, and still manage to do everything on time. Man, adulting is hard!

Lucky for you, I have just the app to keep you adulting efficiently. When I tell you Trello is going to keep you on your toes, it’s going to keep you on your toes. Trello is an app that allows you to manage your life, whether it’s personal or work related. On Trello, you can make to-do lists, grocery lists, boards for yourself and your coworkers in which everyone can comment, assign tasks, and work on a project together. Literally, anything you need to keep organized can be done on Trello. Planning vacations and projects are no longer a hassle once you download Trello.

Psst… I have a surprise for you!!

I know so many people that prefer to write down what they need to do because it helps them remember it better. (Or if you’re like me, then you believe that if it’s not written down it’s not real). And since I love planning and staying organized, I decided to make something for you guys. I am so happy to introduce you guys to my first set of printable planner pages!!

I designed two different planner pages. The first is a weekly one which allows you to add tasks for each day of the week, your to-do list, notes, and a weekly inspirational quote. My daily page allows you to add an affirmation, daily schedule, priorities, to-dos, and notes. To get your custom Vibrant & Gray planner pages click here. (P.S. I’m working on something extra special so keep a look out!)

4. LinkedIn

Obviously, as an adult, you need a job to pay your bills and save money. One way to get a job is by networking and putting your name out there. LinkedIn helps you do just that wherever you are. Your LinkedIn profile is like a resume online which can be viewed by millions of people worldwide. Through LinkedIn, you can find jobs (you can even apply to them on the app), network, and keep up to date with news and content. Finding jobs and networking is so overwhelming, but LinkedIn has definitely made it easier for me. Stay tuned for my blog post on creating a LinkedIn profile.

5. Waze

I have no sense of direction whatsoever. So if you were to give me directions to a coffee shop and told me to go straight, take a left, and then a right. I would most likely go backward, take a right, and then go left.

For whatever reason, I am great with directions for assignments or practice techniques, but don’t expect me to meet you anywhere without getting lost 8,963 times. If you’re like me, then go ahead and download Waze. And even if you’re great with directions, DOWNLOAD WAZE. I cannot tell you how many times Waze has been there for me while driving.

Waze helps you out by giving you alternate routes whether its to avoid tolls or get places faster. It also tells you which fast food restaurants have deals and if they’re nearby (If it wasn’t for Waze I wouldn’t know about Wendy’s $1 fries). Waze even saves you from speeding tickets by letting you know where cops are at. And if you don’t drive at all, download Google Maps. Having some sort of GPS on your phone is ESSENTIAL. Why? Because as an adult, you need to get places on time, which means, you can’t get lost.

Phew! Who knew adulting could be so easy?

Now that you have all these apps, adulting has never been easier! These apps were literally designed to alleviate your stress levels and keep you sane as you do 700 different things. As I’ve always said, adulting is all about being responsible and on top of everything. There is no rocket science involved. Go ahead and have fun setting up your new apps and let me know how they’ve been working out for you. Also, don’t forget to get your free V&G planner pages!

Until next time,

Stay vibrant & embrace the gray!

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