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5 Self-Love Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Podcasts are so in right now and since I have been completely obsessed with them lately, I decided that I’d bring you guys along on the journey. You’ll thank me later. When it comes to podcasts, I like to listen to personal development, blogging, life coaching, and financial ones. My favorite podcast at the moment is Natalie Bacon’s Design Your Dream Life Podcast (but that post will be for another day). Today’s post is all about self-love podcasts. 

Now I know I might sound like a broken record at this point, but self-love, believe it or not, is extremely important. Loving yourself is more than just thinking “I love me.” It’s making sure that you have a healthy mind. Making sure that you’re taking care of your body. Making sure that you are emotionally stable. It is making sure that you accomplish your goals and dream big. And above all else, it’s making sure that you truly believe in yourself and are willing to put yourself first. 

Why Did I Start Listening To Podcasts?

I started listening to podcasts when the new year started. The first one I ever listened to was Natalie Bacon’s Design Your Dream Life Podcast. My main reason for embarking on this journey was because I hope to one day have a podcast of my own. However, my second reason was because I want to make 2019 my year. And I know what you’re thinking, “everyone says so and so year will be their year but then they quit half way through.” BUT TRUST ME, podcasts have kept me on my game these past two months. This year I want to focus on myself and on my goals. I want to make sure that I prioritize my wellbeing and take the first step towards making my dreams a reality. 

What I Love Most About Podcasts?

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, I suggest you get on it! Podcasts are super inspirational and soothing. Whenever I listen to one I feel like I can truly conquer the world. They make me reflect on life and figure out what I want, how I will get it, and what mindset I will have towards achieving it. I can honestly say that podcasts are the reason that I’ve been so positive this year. Ever since I’ve started listening to them, I’ve realized that there is no need to worry about the negatives or to even give meaning to the negatives. I am too busy focusing on the positive and too busy following my dreams. Why do I have this mentality? PODCASTS! 

Why Do You Need To Start Listening To Podcasts?

You need to start listening to podcasts because each day you want to be one step closer to living your dream life. You can seriously find a podcast about anything and everything. Want to start a blog? There are podcasts for that. Want to embark on a fitness journey? There are podcasts for that? Want to be a lawyer? There are podcasts for that. Want a healthier mindset or want to learn how to achieve your goals? THERE ARE PODCASTS FOR THAT!!! Also, podcasts provide you with something to do because once you start listening to one, you can’t stop listening and next thing you know you’re on your second notebook of inspiration and on episode 356. 

Podcast Listening Essentials

Now, this section is crucial! When it comes to watching podcasts you are going to need supplies. 

The first thing you’ll need is a notebook and writing utensil. I like to jot things down when I’m listening to podcasts either because I like something that the host said or because I’m doing an exercise that they suggested. No matter what the case is, always have a notebook with you. Also, since podcasts are so inspirational, you’re bound to come up with ideas and you’ll need somewhere to write them down. 

Second, you will need headphones. This isn’t necessary, but when I listen to podcasts, I like to listen to them closely which is why I use headphones. Also, sometimes it can get really noisy and all I want is some peace and quiet. 

Lastly, you’ll need a podcast to listen to!! Down below I give you 5 self-love podcasts to start your podcast journey on. I hope you enjoy these and end up as obsessed as I am with podcasts. 

Note: In order to listen to the podcasts, you’ll need the podcast app. I am also NOT affiliated with any podcasts mentioned. I am only speaking about these podcasts because I absolutely love them and want to share these amazing and life-changing tools. Enjoy. 

The Earn Your Happy Podcast

I’ve been listening to the Earn Your Happy Podcast for a while now and I can honestly say, it is amazing! The host of the podcast is Lori Harder and shes all about taking care of yourself and living a happy life. She has a variety of different podcasts in which she talks you through taking control of your life, becoming happier, and strengthening your businesses and relationships. I definitely recommend you listen to her show because it has truly transformed my life into something extraordinary. She also has her own website which I will link here.

The Love Yourself Podcast

Jessica May Tang started her podcast in 2017 in order to empower women to love themselves as she was on her own self-love journey. I truly love listening to her podcast because she has helped me get in touch with my own emotions and learn how to control my thoughts. She focuses her podcast on mind, body, and spirituality in relations to healing. Although, a lot of her episodes are centered around chronic pain, I find it super helpful because she teaches you how loving yourself can help you overcome anything. Stress, anxiety, depression, can all be healed through self love and thats something that everyone needs to learn about. Check out Jessica’s website here.

The Rise Higher Podcast

This is definitely an all time favorite of mine. Rise Higher is hosted by Stephanie Kwong and she is all about empowerment, motivation, self-love, and confidence. Stephanie’s main focus is to help others love themselves and own their power which is something I am all for. I believe this was the fifth podcast I started listening to and the second I did I couldn’t stop listening. Stephanie is a super relatable person and she provides so much value to her listeners. Each episode is fun to listen to and inspiring. I highly recommend you check her out because she will definitely bring your mood up. You can check Stephanie out on her website here.

Simply Happy

These episodes are short but they are amazing! Within 6 minutes, Olivia Reiman helps you realize that there is always a positive to the negatives. Since starting her podcast, I’ve learned to not give meaning to the negative things that happen in my day to day life, but rather look on the bright side. Self-love includes emotional stability and Olivia does a great job at teaching you how to overcome emotions and have them work for you. If you have anxiety, depression, are bipolar, or suffer from any sort of mental illness, I definitely suggest you listen to this podcast right away. 

Confidently She

Confidence is something that a lot of people struggle with. It is something that is not easily obtained and is hard to keep once you have it. However, by listening to this podcast hosted by Rebekah Buege, I guarantee that you will start to feel more confident each episode that you listen to. As soon as I started listening to Rebekah, my self-doubt started to go away. She mostly focuses on body image but does go into business, self-doubt, perspectives, and emotions. If you are someone who struggles with confidence, and even if you are a confident person, I promise you that you will benefit from this podcast. Check out Rebekah’s website here.

If you’ve read this far, hello, and thank you for reading this long blog post. Before I say goodbye, I want to remind you that in order for you to truly be happy you must first love yourself. I know that it’s hard with the way that society is sometimes, but I promise you that it is possible and once you start to truly love yourself, you will becoming a much happier person. All it takes is one step in the right direction for you to achieve this. So, why not start now? I truly hope that you take the time to listen to these podcasts carefully and take in everything they say. 

Until next time,

Stay vibrant & embrace the gray.

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    • tathy

      Definitely check them out & if you have any more podcasts you like don’t be afraid to list them in the comments for everyone to enjoy💖thank you so much for reading.

    • tathy

      Thank you so much for reading💖I really hope these podcasts help you & that you enjoy them to the fullest! Make sure to let me know how you liked them!

  • Sarah

    Thank you for this post! I’ve only listened to one podcast so far (and it’s by a rapper that I like) so this list is definitely going to help me branch out into other podcasts.

    Sarah | getupgetaway.com

    • tathy

      Thank you so much for reading! I definitely encourage you to give these a listen. I promise you it’ll be worthwhile & beneficial💖

  • julie Christy

    Being from an older generation (non-millenial) LOL, I am new to podcasts. I have listened to a few and I have enjoyed them. A great thing to do while I am knitting! I will have to check these out. We can always use a self-love boost 🙂

    • tathy

      We definitely do! There is nothing better than getting that self-love boost while doing something you love. I really hope you enjoy listening to them & thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my blog. It means the absolute world to me💖

  • Laura

    These suggestions are so great! I’ve never listened to podcasts before, but these days I’ve got a lot of long commutes, ones that include so many transfers it’s not possible to read a book, that maybe one or more of these podcasts would be perfect to listen to during them. Thank you!

    Laura // afinnontheloose.com

    • tathy

      OMG YES! Listening to podcasts while commuting is the best thing in the world!! I really hope you enjoy them & thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog💖💖

  • Nyxie

    I’ve recently started listening to podcasts and can honestly say that they have changed my life. Thank you for your suggestions.

    I would also suggest some of Russel Brands stuff (Under The Skin) , particularly his interview with Fearne Cotton. Speaking of Fearne her podcast (Happy Place) is excellent as well. 🙂

    – Nyxie

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