2020 Goals + Stop List

This post is long over due because we are literally eleven days into the new year! But, better late than never right? Like I mentioned in my previous blog post about my first semester of sophomore year, I had a pretty tough time at the end of 2019. Mentally I was just over it and extremely emotional at the time. But one thing that kept me excited was thinking about this new year and new decade. I honestly believe in my heart that the start of a new decade is so fresh, just like opening a brand new book. It’s a complete reset and a chance to change your life entirely. And each year brings about a brand new set of goals.

So 2020 is a huge year for me. I’m finishing up my second semester of sophomore year then starting my junior year. I turn 20 in a couple of months. And I have so many business projects in the works. So obviously it’s an extremely busy year as I’m sure it is for all of you.

For this blog post I wanted to highlight 5 goals instead of creating one for each month or 20 for the entire year. Because if we’re being honest, we only ever prioritize a couple of them. So these 5 goals are my primary goals but obviously each day, week, and month I give myself mini goals. If you’d like a post on those definitely let me know! Anyways, let’s get into these new years goals!

My 2020 Goals

Travel Somewhere

I’m so sad that I haven’t traveled since I was 15. That’s almost 5 years which is such a no no. One thing I want to do in my 20s is travel A LOT. I want to see all of Europe, the Caribbean, America, Asia, all of it. So my top goal this year is to travel somewhere whether it’s a new place or an old place. I really really really want to visit either London or the Bahamas. London because I want to live there one day and the Bahamas because, hello TROPICAL. But I also really want to visit DR and Germany again. I haven’t seen my family in forever so it’d be nice to go back and catch up.

Be More Creative

I’m the type of person that LOVES creativity. I love art, photography, writing, literally anything that has to do with creativity. So obviously one of my goals this year is to be more creative. During high school I would always go to the craft store and then come home and build or create something. And I honestly miss doing that. I had my house full of my different creations. So this year I want to unleash my inner creativity whether it’s through my writing or designs.

Be More Present

Something I realized about 2019 was that towards the end I wasn’t a very present person. I would barely talk to people and even if I did I wasn’t into the conversation. So one thing I want to do this year is be more aware of my surroundings and focus on what’s going on rather than what’s not. I feel like we get so wrapped up in our heads that we forget to cherish the little things and enjoy all the moments in life.

Develop An Effective Skin Care Routine

Okay but seriously WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY SKIN????? For some reason my skin forgot that it had an owner and just started doing it’s own thing. So you already know that this had to be one of my goals. I cannot go another year with bumpy skin. So no matter how much research I have to do or how many products I have to buy, I’m going to do it. But, while saving money, ya know?

Read 30 Books

I absolutely adore reading it’s one of my favorite things to do. But, in 2019 I barely did any of it, unless it was class research. So I want to go back to the girl I was in high school that would literally always carry a book and could tackle a novel in a day. I miss her. So I was originally going to do 52 books so a book per week but I realized that with my busy schedule it’s going to take me a while. So I’ve settled with 30 for now. I’m currently reading Turtles All The Way Down by John Green and I have another book on the way. I’m also super excited because I’m taking a YA class during the spring semester which is one of my favorite genres which means I get to reread some of my favorite books!!


I wasn’t going to add this one in because I wanted it to be personal but here I am, adding it in. All 2020 I want to get my act TOGETHER. I want to eat healthier, work out more, practice healthy habits. I want it ALL. Because honey, I’m not going to be in my 30s wishing I had started while in my 20s. It’s time to take action and get fit!

My 2020 Stop List

I feel like everyone is so obsessed with resolutions that they forget that there’s also things they need to get rid of in their lives. This is where my stop list comes into play. For 2020 I want to stop over-bingeing, procrastinating, and spending money uselessly. I realized that towards the end of 2019 all I ever did was binge, procrastinate, and spend money on the stupidest things. So this year I’m going to work hard on beating this. I’ll still binge but it’s not going to take over my life like it did last year. I want to be able to do other things as well. Procrastination is such a terrible habit to have which is why I’m going to try to be more productive but still give myself time to relax. And money? Best believe we are saving up and budgeting because I refuse to be broke in my 20s.

Final Thoughts

I know it can be tough to keep up with your resolution but guys, it’s 2020. It’s the start of a new decade. It’s the start of an entirely new book in our lives. Let’s not waste this decade by giving up on ourselves the way we did in the previous decade. Stick to your goals no matter how big they might seem because each day that you work on it is bringing you one step closer to accomplishing them.

Until next time,

Stay Vibrant & Embrace The Gray

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